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There is this song by Rocko called UOENO that got me thinking the other day about things that happen around us and we dont even know (Oh, for those who don't know, UOENO is a corruption of the phrase "You don't even know")

So I sat my skinny rear end down (yes, it actually is skinny. So seriously so that I don't sit on plastic chairs coz of the noises bone and plastic make when they grind) and decided to compile a list of things that happen and UOENO.

1) The number of times the doctor may have written "Give this faggot some aspirin. He ain't sick. Just attention seeking." and UOENO.

2) She left skid marks and floaters in the loo this morning and you are admiring that same ass and UOENO

3) That farm keeper who has been in your family for years and you hate everything about him but he is your father and UOENO

4) Your boss forgot about the task he gave you but you are staying up all night to impress him and UOENO

5) He was loving himself in the loo and you are holding onto his hand like your life depends on it and UOENO

6) She was your friend's one night stand on the first day they met and you keep yapping to him how she is the best lady in the world and UOENO

7) Your friends make fun of your dancing and they are the first to tell you to hit the dancefloor and UOENO

8) She's thirsting for your man and you are seriously considering her advice to leave him coz she says you deserve better and UOENO

9) A friend's asking you for money with no intention of returning it and you are borrow the money from someone else to help him or and UOENO

10) The cook has a cold and some mucus fell in your soup and you are smiling and saying yummy and UOENO

11) You call him your friend but he stole your phone and helped you look for it for hours AND you bought him beer to thank him and UOENO

So which other situations do you think can fit into this UOENO list?

Over and out!

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