Man Saws Off Foot To Avoid Work

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Just when you think that the world's idiot manufacturers have at last halted operations at iDiot 5.0 they suprise you again. They have obviously produced a better iDiot with all features of the previous ones plus dozens more including some scary ones like the one below.

According to Reuters, an unemployed Austrian man sawed his foot off, apparently to avoid being found fit to go back to work. Talk of taking laziness to a whole new level. While most people call in sick or give silly excuses like the baby having a temperature (all babies have temperatures for crying out loud) this guy decided to take it to the next level.

Hours before an appointment on Monday (I think people are taking their hatred for Mondays too far) for the labor office to check on his health, the 56-year-old man held his left leg against an electric saw in his home workshop and severed his foot just above the ankle, Austrian broadcaster ORF reported. Whoever said wisdom comes with age needs to specify which age considering it has not knocked on this guy's door at 56! And the story does not end there.

Bleeding profusely, the man from the province of Styria then threw the foot into an oven, hobbled to his garage and called an ambulance. An emergency operation was unable to reattach the foot. Am guessing the problem was the fact that it was cooked. Having a chunk of Nyama Choma attached to the end of your foot isnt exactly what he had in mind when doing the whole thing.

Surely, fact is stranger than fiction! And as someone pointed out, there is a high chance when the ambulance got there, the guy may have been hopping around on the remaining foot holding the cut one and loudly chanting, "Who wants a piece me, huh? WHO WANTS A PIECE OF ME!"

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